Get Your IRS Tax Problems Solved and Relax

Do not lose sleep over your mounting tax debt – Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has designed a program to enable willing taxpayers to get some relief from the amount of tax owed by accepting less than their tax debt liabilities or allowing them installment payments or a holiday period from tax. This is known as the tax relief program and is implemented by offer in compromise/tax settlement with the individual who owes large sum of tax and is willing to pay.

If you qualify to pay less than the mounting tax debt you owe, you can settle your outstanding tax debt dues, the best way out for you is to hire a qualified and licensed tax professional who have experience in effectuating tax relief, IRS tax audit representation and or State tax audit representation. With the help of highly specialized and trained tax relief expert who will represent your case, you have a very good chance to get IRS tax relief and or State Tax relief.

As tax experts know the right way to represent your case, you stand a very good chance of getting Tax Relief and beneficial tax settlement. The tax consultants are familiar with all the tax laws and are updated with changes in tax laws and codes that happen regularly. Their negotiation tactics are powered by their knowledge and experience and are sure to clinch a better deal for you.

You can get tax settlement by allowing you to pay your taxes in installments. Tax professionals can also help you avoid and stop wage garnishment / wage levy. This is am IRS tax levy program under which your tax will be automatically deducted from your monthly wage earnings. Even if you want to get rid of a wage garnishment program earlier levied on you, tax professionals can help you out. Once you receive a wage levy notice, you should take action immediately by consulting a reputable tax consultant so as to avoid getting your paychecks garnished and or levied by your employer under the instruction of the government.

Always get help of a licensed tax professional who can resolve your outstanding tax related matters, you can also seek professional help in matters related to back taxes / delinquent tax returns/unfiled tax returns etc. from a tax attorney or tax professional. You can avail of a payment plan for your back taxes and get all your penalties eliminated with professional help. Handling your tax problems yourselves may result in frustration or negative results.


Important Information About an Offer in Compromise

The ultimate goal of an Offer in Compromise or an OIC, is the settlement and eradication your tax debt. In this process, both parties, the taxpayer and the IRS, attempt to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Applications for OIC are entertained so that taxpayers are given the chance to pay their debts at a lesser […]