Do You Want to SAVE TIME and EFFORT on Money Matters?

Stop the busyness and free-up time to do the things that matter the most to you.

– 90 Days Financial Make-Over Challenge

WHERE FOCUS GOES ENERGY FLOWS. Throughout our lives, we women plan for many situations. Time spent planning our careers, family activities, living environment, vacations and birthdays are the product of weeks, if not months, of preparation. Planning is a highly effective habit that keeps us focused on specific goals and priorities, simplifying the decision making process. Effective planning and mental focus have the power to unclutter our minds of time consuming and energy sucking distractions that prevent us from taking care of our needs, wants and desires. It reduces the waste of precious resources such as time, effort and money.

When it comes to finances, most women become terrified – worried and anxious about financial status. The best way to start managing these challenges is to become educated on 2 main topics:

Topic 1 – Financial Planning. There are different types of planning in which you deserve to be educated. The key to saving time and effort is to start planning in the simplest way. Prepare a spending plan and track your expenses and income.

Your Financial Plan should include:

– Spending Plan

– Multiple Income Streams Plan

– Estate Plan

– Tax and Assets Plan

– Retirement Plan

– Emergency Funds Plan

– Miscellaneous

Topic 2 – Build Your Impact Wealth Team. Leveraging other people’s knowledge, experience and expertise is one of the best ways to save time and effort. As you build an Impact Wealth Team, it positions you to avoid unnecessary pitfalls and tap into the Team’s proven strategies for success. Their cumulative knowledge and experience will cut years off of your process, setting you on a direct, greatly accelerated path to your financial success. Think about it this way – if you’re ill do you ask a friend, who has no knowledge or background in wellness, what it is that you should do to get well? Or do you ask an “expert”, like a doctor, who has had years of studies and practice. The doctor is sure to make you feel better quicker.

Family members and friends have the potential to significantly influence in our financial decisions, from shaping banking and financial views to basic money matters. Make sure that if you take their advice that it is backed up by proven financial success. People in our lives may have the best intentions in the world and a sincere desire to be of help, but it doesn’t mean that they understand how money works. “Not all advice is good advice”. So align yourself with an impactful Wealth Team of experts. Who are the experts that will make up your impactful wealth team? Our upcoming articles will talk about who you need in your impactful wealth team.

We women are great planners. Implement planning strategies into our finances and lifestyles help us achieve success. Let’s plan for our finances so they don’t plan for you. Work with your impactful wealth team to save time and ultimately achieve financial success with less effort.

“Being in control of your finances is the greatest stress relievers”


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