Government Grants For Single Parents

Government grants for single parents? Are these legit? The is the question that I have a lot of single moms asking me during my 9 to 5 job. The answer is, sometimes, yes. But you have to be very careful as many of these so called single parent grants are not real grants. What happens is that you will have a website requiring you to “pay” for the grant processing or shipping fees. This fee, of course, is non refundable. The problem is that no parent ever gets one of these grants.

Now that doesn’t mean there are not some legitimate government grant programs out there that a parent can apply for. But the vast majority of these so called grants are fakes.

How can you find the real help that you need? Research. Never apply for a grant that does not have some sort of history to it. If you are suspicious about the veracity of a grant, you should spend some time doing research on that grant. You’ll find out quickly whether the grant is legit or not.

If you need some financial help from the government, you will want to look at the official government grant website, the federal welfare website, and the housing assistant website. These websites all detail the various federal grant programs that are offered. Now, there may be stat single parent grants that you can find. These sort of grants tend to be harder to find – you are really going to have to look around for them online.

If you want to find a grant, you should look online to see what’s offered. There are websites that can help offer you grant and scholarship searches. You can also just use the search engines to see what you can turn up.


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