Determining a Structured Settlement Payment Schedule

If you have been awarded a structured settlement payment and have some input in how the payment schedule will be structured, here are some tips to help you make intelligent suggestions that are in your best interests.

One of the key factors in how frequently you would like to receive a payment from the structured settlement has to do with what the money needs to cover. As an example, if you are receiving compensation because of an accident where you were injured, you may need those payments to be set up on a monthly basis. The idea is that you may have medical bills or require some sort of ongoing treatments or home care that will need to be paid from the settlement. If this is an accurate picture of your situation, then ask for monthly payments that will cover your expenses related to the accident.

For situations where your settlement is taking place because of some sort of civil matter you have won, you may want to ask for payments from the structured settlement that occur on a semiannual or annual basis. The idea here is that you do not need the money in order to meet medical costs or even to take care of your usual household operations. However, you can take the larger payment and invest it in some manner. Rolling over the larger structured settlement payment into an IRA or other program may protect you from having to pay taxes until you actually begin to withdraw the funds. If you do not need the money from the settlement to take care of ongoing expenses, then get a larger payment less frequently and invest it in your future.

Your circumstances dictate how often it would be helpful to receive a structured settlement payment. Look closely at your needs and if given the opportunity, ask for payment terms that will reap the most benefits for you in the long run.


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