The Most Important Legacy

What’s the most important thing you can leave to your heirs? If I asked you this question, I suspect most of you would say, “You know, Ken: it’s my money, my real estate, my property, my assets-all of that.” But let me ask a few more questions: How much of your money would you trade […]

Prepping for the After-OFW-Life

Towering multiple-storey houses, grand SUVs, top-notch school for kids – these are just a few of the things a lot of us think of when dreaming of working abroad or becoming an OFW, as if it’s like winning a lottery jackpot prize. While these may be true to some who took the risk and jumped […]

The Ultimate Guide to Home Loan Pre-Approval

When it comes to shopping for a property, a home loan pre-approval can give you the winning edge. It shows real estate agents that you are serious about buying a home and it places you in a good position to move quickly and get your finances sorted ahead of other buyers. Although it is not […]

Do You Want to SAVE TIME and EFFORT on Money Matters?

Stop the busyness and free-up time to do the things that matter the most to you. – 90 Days Financial Make-Over Challenge WHERE FOCUS GOES ENERGY FLOWS. Throughout our lives, we women plan for many situations. Time spent planning our careers, family activities, living environment, vacations and birthdays are the product of weeks, if not […]

Life Changing Investment Mistakes

Introduction Investment is the method of generating profits with the money we save. Money is the most important thing in any individual’s life. Without money, no one can survive. Therefore we should start saving our money and start investing. Financial Planning is the first step to take. Financial Planning helps us to set us long […]

Small Savings Can Make a Big Difference

It can be easy to overlook the importance of saving for retirement, especially when you’re focused on shorter-term financial priorities such as buying a new car or saving for college. However, it’s crucial to consider your long-term financial security and make saving for retirement a priority. If you start early and save regularly, even small […]

Four Simple Tips to Save and Manage Your Money

Saving is great but to actually start saving is easier said than done. One of the biggest obstacles to saving is getting started. Motivation is hard to come by when it comes to saving especially if you are just starting out. While managing and saving your money may not be easy, taking time out to […]

The 10 Most Common Sales Tricks

If you’re ever with someone who is trying to sell you something – a home, car, insurance, clothes, new phone or whatever – here are 10 common tricks and traps you should look out for. 1. The Probe On your first contact with any salesperson, they’ll usually ask you a few questions. These have two […]

Why Ethics Matter

Living in a results oriented world, most of the times driven by ambiguous, undeclared goals we see or hear more and more about banks settling on billions of dollars in law suits after selling toxic assets; bankers hiding hard-copy evidence for clients sheltering billions of dollars from the tax authorities; stock traders facing criminal charges […]