Credit – Users of Reports

Users are individuals, businesses, agencies, or institutions that request consumer credit files from credit reporting agencies to determine creditworthiness, among other things. Under the FCRA, they can utilize credit report information to determine creditworthiness or in consideration of employment and certain types of insurance. (Life insurance underwriting policies can consider credit history, whereas medical insurance […]

A Guide to the Latest Credit Card Reforms

The Credit Card Reform Act of 2008 was passed on December 18th, but it isn’t expected to take effect until includes the following provisions: Interest Rates Credit card issuers will be prohibited from raising the interest rate on existing balances. They will also be prohibited from raising their interest rate under the premise of “universal […]

The Pros and Cons of Instant Credit Card Applications

Instant credit card applications are one of the many advantages of the Internet in our daily life. These are forms or applications that you will be asked to fill out online to get instant access to credit cards. Most card companies offer online services. These companies make these offers to satisfy the needs of their […]

Got Credit Card Debt? Stop Saving!

A few short years ago, nearly everyone had a job. Money was bountiful, and if you couldn’t afford something, there was always a bank or credit card provider ready to help you out. With finance so easily available, saving your dollars was the last thing on anyone’s mind. How times have changed! With record levels […]

Disputing Credit Card Transactions

When a customer makes a dispute about a previous credit card transaction they are protected in three different ways. One is the protection of unauthorized use, the second thing is that it deals with the bill error procedures and it also gives you the right to hold on to the payment. When you file a […]

Disputing a False Claim After Bankruptcy

In the case of you filing your bankruptcy the presiding judge will discharge all the accounts and debt’s also including the bankruptcy claim. Whenever this is done it increases the customer debt to income ratio, and after this the particular account should not show any incorrect figures after the discharge take place. Ultimately, this improves […]

Credit – Furnishers of Information, Part 1

How does account information end up on your credit report? The answer to this can get complicated and depends on many factors, including what type of account it is, who the creditor is, whether the creditor is a subscriber to a bureau, whether the creditor is affiliated with an association that is a subscriber, what […]