How To Avoid Bankruptcy

In many cases, bankruptcy can be avoided if the habits that lead to one filing bankruptcy are curbed early on in life. It is never too soon for individuals to learn how to avoid bankruptcy.

People in the United States tend to live on credit quite a bit. Many individuals feel pressured to keep up with neighbors, friends and family and end up overextending themselves on their credit cards. Unfortunately, credit card lenders are pretty indiscriminate as to who they issue credit. There are hundreds of thousands of credit card companies in the United States today. And once someone gets one credit card, chances are they will begin to see many offers coming through the mail for more credit.

This can be tempting, especially for younger people. A good percentage of people who file bankruptcy in the United States each year are young people recently graduated from college. In addition to student loans, college students often use credit cards for everything from pizza to books, with the intent to pay off the debt once they graduate and get a job. Hard reality sets in when they realize how long it will take to pay off the debt mounted on their credit cards, especially as it continues to accumulate interest at a high rate. Still, college students are a prime target of credit card lenders. And many of these young people are handling credit for the first time in their lives. It is very easy to let it get out of hand.

How to avoid bankruptcy? Individuals must learn, early on, to live within their means. This is especially true for young people. Parents should teach children early on how to use credit in a responsible way. College students should limit themselves to one credit card with a low balance, to be used just for emergencies.

Another way how to avoid bankruptcy is to use debit cards instead of credit cards. Debit cards are usually offered by banks and the money is taken directly from your checking account. Because most debit cards usually have a VISA or MASTERCARD logo, they can usually be used in the same places as a credit card. Only the funds are available in the account, not owed.

Individuals who want to learn how to avoid bankruptcy can also take seminars and classes on financial management. Here they can learn which items are wise to buy on credit (real estate) and which items to avoid buying on credit (vacations) as well as investment strategies.

Living within your means and only buying things you can afford is one way how to avoid bankruptcy.


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